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Sam's Clothing was estabblished in 2013 and has been involved in fashion apparel manufacturing since then. Today, we are one of the leading jeans manufacturers in Pakistan with monthly capacity of over 80,000 units producing for brands across Europe, America and Australia. Our factory based in Karachi has state of the art machinery.

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Design and Development

We have an in-house team of Designers which create new design quarterly for our fast Fashion customers. In our development department we have 20 machines and 15 highly Experienced personnel who are capable of developing latest fashion, complex designs, And high quality garments.


Kruder, Italy

Decimas, Italy

Road Runner, USA


Tanoli, Holland

Fashion Linq, Germany


Brands Fashion, Germany

Lefties Inditex, Spain

Marc Ecko, USA

Tiffosi, Portugal

Fame Jeans, USA

Landi (Switzerland)

Our Stats

    Our Product

    We mainly deal in denim, twill, drill, poplin, chambray and yarn dyed.

    Machinery Details

    Ggt Operating System

    General Structure of Denim Garment

    Gerber Technology is the next evolution in Gerber cutting systems, delivering an easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain cutter capable of producing the highest quality cut parts the first time around, saving you time and money.

    Single Needle Machine

    Single Needle Lockstitch Machine Working Mechanism

    These kinds of sewing machines are generally used for sewing fabric, leather, etc. particularly one that uses two threads such as an upper and a lower thread. Figure-1 shows the single needle lock stitch machine. The one side of the needle has the eye and a sharp tip while the other side is attached to a needle bar that moves up and down to form a stitch. The arm also secures a presser foot which presses the fabric while sewing. The needle penetrates into the fabric from the top, to bring the needle thread through the fabric to the bottom to form a stitch.

    Double Needle Machine

    Automatic Double Needle Sewing Machines

    A double needle lockstitch machine works on the same principle as the single needle machine by using two needles and two bobbins thus resulting in two parallel rows of lockstitch. This technique of twin needle sewing is also popularly known as double needle sewing.

    Bartacking Machine

    Special Sewing Machines

    Bartacking is a type of reinforcement stitching that is done using a Bartack machine. This technique is used by the fabric and textile industries to fortify stress points in clothing, sporting equipment, uniforms, and a host of other products.

    Feed of the Arm Machine

    Arm Sewing Machine

    Feed of the arm machine is actually a chain stitch machine for chain stitch designs working with sew and stitch. It contains looper instead of bobbin. By this machine, multi thread chainstitch can be produced on garments.

    Eyelet Kaj

    Electronic Eyelet Buttonhole Machine

    The electronically controlled, fully programmable eyelet buttonhole machine provides the user with total flexibility and versatility with a wide variety of models. Machine is equipped with new, faster control system, including 20% reduced cycle time, and new larger touch screen display. Optional accessories, especially designed for jacket applications, provide higher cutting flexibility including the desired cutting position. These facilitate the production of buttonholes in one operation without any follow-up work.


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